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  Windows XP Dial Up Settings

  Windows NT 4.0 Dial-Up Instructionsp
  1. Install and configure your modem
    as detailed in the modem documentation.
  2. Install Remote Access Service and Dial-Up Networking
    per your Windows NT 4.0 instructions. Double-click on Dial-Up Networking and select New.....
    1. Enter NetExpress as the phonebook entry name.
      phonebook wizard

      Select Next.
    2. Server dialog.
      Check I am calling the Internet.
      server dialog

      Select Next.
    3. Modem or adapter dialog.
      Select your modem
      modem dialog

      Select Next.
    4. Phone number dialog.
      phone number dialog

      Select Next then Finish.
  3. Now we need to adjust the properties.
    Select the NetExpress entry and select More....edit entry and modem properties. Fill in the entries in each of the tabs as below.
    • Basic tab.
      Entry name: NetExpresst
      Phone number: 0867 15015
      Dial using: (your modem)
      basic tab

    • Configure... tab
      Check Enable hardware flow control
      Check Enable modem error control
      Check Enable modem compression
      configure tab

    • Server tab
      Network Protocols Check TCP/IP
      Check Enable software compression
      Check Enable PPP LCP extensions
      Click on TCP/IP Settings...
      server tab

    • TCP/IP Settings
      Check Server assigned IP address
      Check Specify name server addresses
      Primary DNS:
      Secondary DNS:
      Check Use IP header compression
      Check Use default gateway on remote network
      Click OK
      TCP/IP settings

    • Script tab
      After dialing (login) Check None
      script tab

    • Security tab
      Check Accept any authentication including clear text
      security tab

    • X.25 tab
      No entries for this tab.
  4. Select Dial.... from the Dial-Up Networking dialog and fill in your Access Username and Access Password. The DOMAIN entry should be empty.
    Connect to... window

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