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  Windows 98 Dial-Up Instructions

Make New Connection under Dial-Up Networking

  1. Double-click on My Computer, then Dial-Up Networking.
    Dial up Networking Window

  2. Double-click on Make New Connection and enter NetExpress as the name.
    Select your Modem.
    Click Next.
    select your modem

  3. Enter the access number 0867-00099.
    enter the access number

  4. Click on Finish.
    finish dialog

  5. Now continue with the following...

Dialuo networking Properties

  1. Now RIGHT-click on the NetExpress icon and select Properties.
    dun window with NetExpress connection

    Netexpress connection Properties window
    connection properties window

  2. Click on the Server Types tab. Uncheck Log on to network and make sure ONLY TCP/IP is checked under Allowed network protocols.
    server types tab

  3. Click on the TCP/IP Settings tab and enter these addresses.
    TCP/IP settings tab

  4. Click on the Scripting and Multilink tabs and make sure they are blank.
    scripting tab

    multilink tab

  5. Then click OK until you are back to the Dial-Up Networking folder. Now you are ready to connect to NetExpress.

Connect to NetExpress

  1. Double-click on the NetExpress icon and enter:
    User name: your Access Username from your Account Information
    Password: your Access Password from your Account Information
    Connect to:  screen

  2. Once connected you'll see the following. You can put a checkmark in the Don't Show.... box if you like.
    connection established screen

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