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  Windows 2000 Dial-Up Instructions

  1. Make sure your modem is installed and working properly.
  2. Set up your Dial-up Networking connection.
    Open up your Control Panels and double-click Network and Dial-up Connections
    1. Double-click on Make New Connection
      make new connection
      Click Next.

    2. Click the button next to Dial-up to the Internet
      Dial up to the Internet
      Click Next.

    3. Click next to the third line I want to set up my Internet connection manually...
      set up the Internet connection manually
      Click Next.

    4. Click next to I connect with a phone line and modem
      I connect with a phone line and modem
      Click Next.

    5. Enter 0867 15015 in the Telephone number box.
      phone number screen Click the Advanced Button, and select the "Addresses" tab
      Under DNS Server Address click Always use the following
      Primary DNS Server:
      Secondary DNS Server:
      advanced options
      Click OK then clickNext.

    6. Enter your Access Username and Access Password from your Account Information.
      login screen
      Click Next.

    7. Give it the name NetExpress name the dial up connection
      Click Next.

    8. Click next to No (Those steps setup Outlook).
      Do you want to set up mail?
      Click Next.

    9. If you don't want to connect to the Internet right away, uncheck the box.
      finish screen
      Click Finish.

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