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Broadband To Rooms

NetExpress provides a powerful software and hardware solution for hospitality complexes to deliver and administer broadband to guest rooms. Central to the service is a remotely administered secure multiplexor that selectively firewalls and balances the Internet traffic from the rooms.

According to the preference of the complex manager, the guests can either be billed for volume or time, on either pre order or pay-as-you-use methods.

With support for a wide range of billing models and charging methods, the solution is easily integrated into many hospitality softwares for billing at guest check out. Thus the reservations clerk does not have to master any special process, as the charges will appear in the system automatically as do those for phone calls.

Reservations or management desks running Windows XP can be given the NetActivator software client to view room use status, and see recent charges accrued to rooms.

The solution is available for rent, and is scalable to meet the needs of both small and large complexes.

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