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  Windows XP New Dial-Up Connection Setup

Before you start, Please collect your NetExpress Account Information. If you need your Account Information, please call us at 03 364 5888.

    Assuming that your XP is not not in Classic View

  1.  Click on the Start button [Generally on the Left Bottom of your Screen], from the menu choose Connect to then choose Show all connections. That opens the Network Connections window:

    Then click Create a new connection [The first option from Network Tasks, on the Left]

  2. That brings up the New Connection Wizard

    Click Next

  3. Select Connect to the Internet

    Click Next

  4. Select Set up my connection manually

    Click Next

  5. Select Connect using a dial-up modem

    Click Next

  6. In the ISP Name box, type NetExpress

    Click Next

  7. The phone numbers:
    * Christchurch : 0867-00099 (364-5890)
    *............. : 0867-75246 (364-5870)
    *............. : 0867-15015 (961-5015)

    * Auckland : 9160214

    Click Next

  8. From your NetExpress Account Information [ Call us if you lost your account information ], enter the Username and the Password and Confirm password.
    Check the boxes at the bottom [ Recommended ].

    Click Next

    Check Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop [Recommended for easy access]

    Click Finish

Then, Add our Server Information to your Dial Up Connection

  1. If the last step did not bring up the Connect NetExpress window, click on the NetExpress DialUp connection in the Network Connections window.
    Click on the Properties button

  2. The General Properties tab always comes up first.
    Click on the Networking tab

  3. On the Networking tab, check Internet Protocol TCP/IP, then click the Properties button.

  4. From the General tab, Select Use the following DNS server addresses:
    Preferred DNS Server:
    Alternate DNS Server:

    Click OK, then click OK on the Networking Properties Window, this brings you back to the Connect NetExpress window.

Now You should be able to Connect to the Internet

Please make sure that the telephone cable is connected to the modem, and you are getting dialtone while connectiong

  • Click on the Dial button to connect to the Internet

    Then, open your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera etc..) or your Email Program (Outlook, Netscape etc..).

To get to the NetExpress Dial up Connection window in the future, double-click on the Shortcut named NetExpress on your desktop.

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