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Windows ME - New Dial-Up Connection Setup

First, is Dial-Up Networking Installed?

  1. Click on the Start Button, then choose Settings then choose Dial Up Networking.
  2. If you don't see it, Install Dial-Up Networking

Installing Dial-Up Networking

  1. Double-click on My Computer (on your desktop), then double-click on Control Panel, then double-click on Add/Remove Programs
  2. In the Add/Remove Programs window, click on the Windows Setup tab
  3. You will see a list of Windows components, in that list double-click on Communication
  4. Click (check) the box next to Dial-Up Networking
  5. Click OK twice. and have your Windows CD ready.
  6. Once windows is finished installing Dial-Up networking, make a new Dial-Up Networking Connection

Make New Connection under Dial-Up Networking

  1. Click on Start, then Settings, then Dial-Up Networking.
  2. Double-click on Make New Connection, then choose Next

  3. Enter NetExpress as the name. Select your Modem,
    then click Next.

  4. Enter the access number 0867-15015.

  5. Click on Finish.

  6. Now continue with the following...


  1. You should be looking at the Dial Up Networking window with an NetExpress connection icon in it. RIGHT-click on the NetExpress icon and select Properties.
    NetExpress connection Properties window

  2. Click on the Networking tab.
    Make sure the settings look like the ones below.

  3. Click on the TCP/IP Settings tab and enter these addresses.

Connecting to NetExpress

Double-click on the NetExpress icon and enter
User name: your Access Username from your Account Information
Password: your Access Password from your Account Information
then click Connect

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